Minecraft Servers in Brazil

Discover the finest Minecraft servers hosted in Brazil for an exceptional gaming experience. Whether you're in search of competitive PvP battles, cooperative gameplay, or creative building opportunities, these servers, based in Brazil, offer a reliable and immersive environment tailored to your regional preferences.

Delve into a diverse range of game modes and vibrant communities, featuring survival challenges, factions, minigames, roleplaying, and more. With their operations centered in Brazil, these servers guarantee low-latency connections and seamless gameplay for players within the region.

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Rank Name Server Players Status
77Beuteugeu Server

Bem-vindo ao Servidor Beuteugeu!O Beuteugeu Server é um servidor de Minecraft que oferece uma experiência única e envolvente para jogadores de todas as idades. Com uma comunidade vibrante e uma equipe dedicada, estamos prontos para proporcionar horas de diversão e avent...

110Nova Capital

Bem-vindo(a) a Nova Capital, um servidor de survival repleto de elementos conhecidos e de sucesso! Aqui, oferecemos uma experiência única e emocionante, combinando características populares para garantir diversão sem limites.Com o plugin McMMO, você terá a ...


Welcome to StoryAdventure!Embark on an extraordinary Minecraft journey unlike any other on the most comprehensive server around! StoryAdventure offers a multitude of thrilling game modes and immersive experiences that will keep you hooked for hours on end.Dive into our fully-fledged Survival mode...


Welcome to InstaMC, the ultimate Minecraft server experience! Embark on exciting adventures in our immersive Pixelmon and Skywars servers.In our Pixelmon realm, experience the thrill of catching and training your favorite Pokémon as you explore a vast and beautifully crafted world. Engage ...

252Craft Life - Survival

Welcome to Craft Life - Survival, the ultimate Minecraft survival experience!Immerse yourself in a vibrant and engaging server where the possibilities are endless. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the world of Minecraft, our Survival server offers a unique and thrilling gameplay experie...

651MineSky - Survival

Bem-vindo(a) ao MineSky - Survival, onde você encontrará uma experiência única e inovadora que vai te surpreender.Somos o primeiro servidor survival brasileiro a trazer recursos antes disponíveis apenas por meio de mods para o mundo vanilla. Explore novos mundos d...

722FinalCraft IDEAL

FinalCraft IDEAL - Explore a World of Magic and Technology!Welcome to FinalCraft IDEAL, a unique Minecraft modpack designed in collaboration with our vibrant community. This modpack has been a project nurtured within the Minecraft Brasil forum for several months, where we engaged in passionate di...


Uncover exclusive gameplay features, custom plugins, and dedicated server moderators ensuring fairness and enjoyable experiences for all participants. Engage with fellow players, form lasting bonds, and take part in thrilling events and competitions. Whether you're a seasoned Minecraft veteran or new to the game, these servers create an immersive and captivating setting to embark on your Minecraft adventures.

Elevate your Minecraft journey by exploring the top-tier servers hosted in Brazil. Join a thriving community, indulge in extraordinary gameplay, and forge unforgettable memories with like-minded players. Start your exploration today and unlock endless possibilities in the realm of Brazil-based Minecraft servers.