Minecraft Hunger Games Servers

Minecraft Hunger Games servers were based on the "Hunger Games". The goal of the game is to survive until one man remains. Players are usually provided with kits that may include food, weapons, or potions.

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1084Bootstraps MCBootstraps MC

Bootstraps MC is tagged as Hunger Games server. Are you ready to test your skills, survive and explore a beautiful, unforgiving world? Wish dolphins and bees attacked you on sight and that you could die from hypothermia in the winter? Bootstraps i...


The best Hunger Games Minecraft Servers

Browse the best Minecraft Hunger Games servers and find yourself a new Hunger Games server to play on. Here we list Hunger Games Servers ranked by player-votes, you can also find server details, stats, and active players. If you like a server you can also vote for them helping the server gain more players and grow - in turn most the servers will reward you, usually with in-game items or currency.