Minecraft Factions Servers

Minecraft Factions Servers are multiplayer servers that host the popular game mode called "Factions" within the game Minecraft. Factions is a competitive and PvP-oriented game mode where players join or create factions, form alliances, and engage in battles for control and dominance over land and resources.

In Minecraft Factions Servers, players join a server and have the option to either join an existing faction or create their own. Factions are player-formed groups that work together to claim land, build bases, gather resources, and engage in combat with rival factions. The ultimate goal is to become the most powerful faction on the server.

Minecraft Factions Servers List

Rank Name Server Players Status
119Airship Pirates World

Welcome to the thrilling world of Airship Pirates! Prepare to embark on an extraordinary adventure like no other in our immersive Survival Server. Set sail on magnificent airships and navigate through the skies in a unique movecraft spigot experience.Owned by the visionary BaccaYarro, the Airship...

120Axe Plot

Welcome to Axe Plot, a thriving Minecraft community that values kindness, friendship, and fun! Our dedicated staff members are always ready to assist you, ensuring you have the best experience possible. We're proud to be a crossplay network, offering support for both Java and Bedrock Editions, so...


Willkommen bei RaidersHeaven.eu! Wir sind ein deutsches, aber europaweit agierendes Multigaming Netzwerk, das eine Vielzahl kostenloser Gameserver für eine breite Palette von Spielen anbietet.Egal ob du ein begeisterter Minecraft-Spieler, ein Überlebenskünstler in Rust, ein Entdeck...


Embark on an exhilarating journey in MozartRealms, a captivating PvP Factions server infused with a touch of the supernatural! Step into a world where you can indulge in thrilling griefing, raiding, and PvP battles to your heart's content. Unleash your inner beast as you choose to become a formid...

127gaplsrgud SMP

Welcome to gaplsrgud SMP, the ultimate survival experience awaits you!Immerse yourself in a thriving community of Minecraft enthusiasts on our 1.17.1 server. With a plethora of carefully selected plugins, we've crafted an unforgettable gameplay experience that will keep you hooked for hours on en...

128MC Pantheon

Welcome to MC Pantheon, the ultimate Minecraft server that offers a vast array of thrilling gameplay options to cater to every player's desires! Prepare to be immersed in a world where friendly camaraderie, intense PvP battles, exhilarating minigames, and awe-inspiring bosses await.Step into our ...

131Emerald Survival

Welcome to Emerald Survival, where adventure and creativity await!In these challenging times, we invite you to escape from boredom and immerse yourself in a thriving community of like-minded players. Whether you're a seasoned builder or just starting your Minecraft journey, Emerald Survival offer...


Welcome to CladeCraft!Experience the thrill of a truly unique and captivating Hardcore Factions gamemode that you won't find anywhere else! CladeCraft offers an exceptional Factions experience that will keep you hooked from the moment you join.Our server runs on version 1.16.4, but we support a w...


Welcome to Rencorner!Are you searching for a dynamic and diverse Minecraft server experience? Look no further! Rencorner offers a wide range of gameplay modes and features that cater to every player's taste and preference.Join our thriving community and explore the following server offerings:Surv...


Welcome to FusionCraft, the ultimate destination for Minecraft enthusiasts! Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey filled with endless fun, exciting minigames, and a vibrant community of players.Gather your friends and dive into our immersive world, where the possibilities are limitless. W...


Welcome to RailCraft!Get ready for an exhilarating Minecraft experience like no other. RailCraft is a server designed to bring you the ultimate Factions, raiding, and PvP gameplay. Gather your friends, rally your allies, and embark on an unforgettable adventure in our dynamic and action-packed wo...


Welcome to SwanCraft, where you can spread your wings and find your true home in the vast world of Minecraft!In a landscape filled with impersonal Minecraft Networks and generic hub servers, SwanCraft stands out by offering you something truly special: a place that feels like a real home. Our ded...

170Melon Network

Welcome to Melon Network, the ultimate destination for custom Minecraft servers! Our network offers a variety of unique gameplay experiences and features that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours on end.Dive into our world of custom servers, where we have carefully crafted gameplay mod...

174Samistines Hub

Welcome to Samistines Hub, the ultimate Minecraft server for creative enthusiasts and those seeking endless possibilities! Immerse yourself in a world where your imagination knows no bounds. With the power of Free Worldedit and DisguiseCraft at your fingertips, prepare to unleash your creativity ...

181Arrow PvP

Welcome to Arrow PvP, the ultimate PvP experience awaits you!Why should you join our server? Let us give you a few compelling reasons:Unparalleled Build Protection:Your builds are our top priority. We understand the value of your hard work and creativity. That's why we have robust protection meas...

182Lapitos Gaclaticraft

Embark on an interstellar journey like never before at Lapito's Galacticraft Minecraft server!In a world where the boundaries between man and wilderness blur, where gazing up at the stars sparks dreams of grand adventures, Lapito's Galacticraft beckons you. Step into the extraordinary realm of th...


Willkommen bei german-anarchy.org! Ein deutschsprachiger Semi-Vanilla Anarchy Server, der dir ein einzigartiges Spielerlebnis bietet.Tauche ein in die Welt von german-anarchy.org und erlebe die volle Anarchy Experience, während du von hilfreichen Quality-of-Life-Funktionen begleitet wirst. U...


Karmacraft: Where Community and Adventure UniteWelcome to Karmacraft, a thriving server with a vibrant and active community. Immerse yourself in an ever-evolving world that embraces the latest versions of Minecraft, ensuring you never miss out on the exciting new features.What sets Karmacraft apa...

204positive myth

Welcome to Positive Myth, a Minecraft server filled with endless possibilities and a friendly community. While we are still in the process of setting up the server, we invite you to join us and be a part of our exciting journey. Whether you want to lend a hand in the development process, build yo...


Welcome to Empirecraft, where the sandbox experience awaits you! Established in 2012, we have been proudly providing a dynamic and immersive Minecraft journey to players like you.At Empirecraft, we believe in the power of true survival gameplay. Brace yourself for a challenging yet rewarding adve...


Welcome to Desteria - Where Epic Factions Adventures Await!Prepare yourself for an extraordinary journey on one of the longest-running Minecraft Factions networks. Desteria offers a thrilling gameplay experience filled with exciting features that will keep you hooked. Here's a glimpse into what a...

215Oranges Prison life

Welcome to Orange's Prison Life!Are you ready to embark on an immersive prison experience where hard work and determination pave the way to freedom? Join us in a non-op, economy-based server that puts your skills and strategic thinking to the test.In Orange's Prison Life, you'll start as a prison...

216Elitios Network

Welcome to Elitios Network, where we offer a variety of servers in a friendly environment!At Elitios, we strive to provide an exceptional Minecraft experience across multiple game modes. Whether you're a fan of survival, creative building, intense PvP battles, or thrilling mini-games, we have som...


Welcome to OGFactions, the ultimate faction experience! Prepare yourself for an extraordinary journey filled with strategic alliances, epic builds, and thrilling raids. Our server is dedicated to providing an authentic and immersive faction gameplay that will keep you engaged for hours on end.Gat...


Welcome to TribalPvP!Are you ready for a thrilling and action-packed PvP experience? Look no further than TribalPvP, where you'll find endless fun and exciting new features to explore.Join us and unlock a world of possibilities with our extensive range of gameplay features. Here's a glimpse of wh...


Here are some key aspects of Minecraft Factions Servers:

  1. Factions Creation: Players can create their own faction or join existing ones. Joining a faction allows players to benefit from the collective resources, protection, and support of their faction members.

  2. Land Claiming: Factions can claim land as their own territory, protecting it from other factions and preventing them from building or accessing the claimed area. Land can be claimed using specific in-game items or commands, creating a clear distinction between territories.

  3. Resource Gathering: Factions must gather resources, such as ores, food, and other valuable items, to support their members and strengthen their faction. Resource gathering can involve mining, farming, hunting, and trading with other factions.

  4. Base Building and Defense: Factions construct bases to serve as their headquarters and primary stronghold. Bases can be fortified with walls, traps, defenses, and other defensive structures to protect against rival factions' attacks and raids.

  5. PvP Combat: Factions Servers heavily emphasize player versus player (PvP) combat. Factions engage in battles with rival factions, competing for resources, control over land, and asserting dominance. PvP skills, strategy, and coordination are critical for success.

  6. Raiding and Faction Warfare: Factions can raid and attack the bases of rival factions, aiming to steal their resources, destroy their structures, and weaken their power. Faction warfare adds an element of excitement, risk, and competition to the gameplay.

  7. Economy and Trading: Some Factions Servers incorporate an in-game economy where factions can engage in trading and commerce. Factions can buy and sell resources, items, and services, creating a player-driven economy within the server.

  8. Alliances and Diplomacy: Factions can form alliances with other factions, creating powerful coalitions and expanding their influence. Diplomacy and negotiations play a role in establishing alliances, declaring truces, or resolving conflicts peacefully.

  9. Server-wide Events and Competitions: Factions Servers often organize events, tournaments, and competitions to encourage interaction and engagement among factions. These events may include capture the flag, king of the hill, or other challenges that test factions' strength and teamwork.

Minecraft Factions Servers offer a competitive and dynamic multiplayer experience, where players can join or create factions, engage in PvP combat, claim land, and build powerful bases. The interplay between diplomacy, raiding, resource gathering, and faction warfare creates an engaging and strategic gameplay experience. Factions Servers foster a sense of community, teamwork, and rivalry as players strive for dominance in a challenging and ever-evolving faction-based world.