Minecraft Modpack Servers

Minecraft Modpack Servers are multiplayer servers that focus on hosting and providing access to pre-packaged collections of mods, known as modpacks. Modpacks are curated selections of mods that work together to create a specific gameplay experience and often include a variety of features, enhancements, and modifications beyond the vanilla Minecraft gameplay.

Minecraft Modpack Servers List

Rank Name Server Players Status
1Complex Gaming

Welcome to Complex Gaming, your ultimate destination for a diverse and thrilling Minecraft experience!At Complex Gaming, we offer an extensive selection of servers to cater to all your gaming preferences. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Pixelmon, where over 850 Pokémon roam fre...

25Kinetic Network

Welcome to the Kinetic Network, where a world of immersive modded Minecraft experiences awaits you. With a rich history spanning over 4 years, we have established ourselves as a leading provider of custom-built Modpacks. In 2021, we expanded our offerings to include FTB and Curse Modpacks, furthe...


Welcome to AnubisMC, your ultimate destination for an extraordinary Pixelmon adventure! We proudly present Pixelmon Reforged v8.3.6, the pinnacle of Pokemon-themed Minecraft gameplay.At AnubisMC, we take pride in offering a vibrant and thriving community of Pokemon trainers. Interact with fellow ...


Welcome to Pokecentral, the ultimate destination for modded Pixelmon gameplay! As the #1 Minecraft Modded Pixelmon Server, we offer an immersive and thrilling experience that will capture the hearts of Pokemon and Minecraft enthusiasts alike.Join us on our brand-new map, starting afresh on July 1...

55RLCraft by CraftersLand

Welcome to RLCraft by CraftersLand, where a world of adventure awaits you! Immerse yourself in this thrilling Minecraft server that brings the popular RLCraft Modpack to life. Get ready for an unforgettable experience unlike anything you've encountered before.At RLCraft, we've carefully curated a...

58RAD by CraftersLand

Welcome to RAD by CraftersLand - Your Ultimate Adventure Awaits!Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey filled with epic quests, treacherous dungeons, and boundless exploration? Look no further than RAD by CraftersLand, where a world of excitement and endless possibilities awaits you....

59Omni Factory by Crafte...

Welcome to Omni Factory, an extraordinary Minecraft server brought to you by CraftersLand!Discover a world of limitless possibilities and embark on an epic journey within our server. Here's what you can expect:Grief Prevention: Your creations are important to us. With our advanced land claim syst...


Welcome to CyborgMC, the ultimate destination for a thrilling Pixelmon and Earth Survival experience! Immerse yourself in an exciting virtual world where camman18 leads the way. Join us today and embark on an unforgettable adventure in the realms of Pixelmon Reforged or 1.16.5+!CyborgMC offers an...


Welcome to DupeXCraft, where survival meets the thrilling world of duping! Get ready for an exceptional Minecraft experience like no other.Version: 1.16.5At DupeXCraft, we embrace the concept of survival while adding an exciting twist with our unique duping feature. Discover a whole new level of ...

136Minecraft Unoffical Wi...

Welcome to Minecraft Unofficial Wipeout!Are you a fan of exhilarating parkour challenges? Look no further, because this server is tailor-made for you! Prepare yourself for the ultimate obstacle course experience as you step into the shoes of a contestant on Minecraft Unofficial Wipeout.As a conte...


Welcome to Pixelmon-AU!Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Pixelmon-AU, a Minecraft server dedicated to bringing you the best Pixelmon experience. With the Pixelmon Modpack, which includes popular additions like Biomes O' Plenty, Natures Compass, and JourneyMap with Radar, our server offers...


Welcome to InstaMC, the ultimate Minecraft server experience! Embark on exciting adventures in our immersive Pixelmon and Skywars servers.In our Pixelmon realm, experience the thrill of catching and training your favorite Pokémon as you explore a vast and beautifully crafted world. Engage ...

320Poke Meadows

Welcome to Poke Meadows - Where the Ultimate Pixelmon Adventure Begins!Embark on an extraordinary journey into the world of Pixelmon at Poke Meadows, the #1 Pixelmon Experience around! Immerse yourself in a vibrant and welcoming community where trainers from all walks of life come together to exp...

324Choccy Pixelmon

Welcome to Choccy Pixelmon - Your Ultimate Pixelmon Adventure!Embark on an incredible journey in the world of Pixelmon Reforged 8.3.0 at Choccy Pixelmon! Immerse yourself in the thrilling fusion of Pokémon and Minecraft as you explore, battle, and capture your favorite pocket monsters.To j...

367GRM Pixelmon

Welcome to GRM Pixelmon - Your Ultimate Pixelmon Adventure!Get ready to embark on an exciting journey in the world of Pixelmon Reforged. Our server is dedicated to providing you with the best Pixelmon experience, filled with thrilling gameplay and a vibrant community.Installation and Joining:New ...

381Lapitos Gaclaticraft

Embark on an interstellar journey like never before at Lapito's Galacticraft Minecraft server!In a world where the boundaries between man and wilderness blur, where gazing up at the stars sparks dreams of grand adventures, Lapito's Galacticraft beckons you. Step into the extraordinary realm of th...

416Pixelmon Reforged

Welcome to the exciting world of Pixelmon Reforged on RC-Gamers Pixelmon Network!IP: pixel.rc-gamers.comReforged Version: 8.3.6Discord: https://discord.gg/zjkHbuMWebsite: https://www.rc-gamers.comAre you ready to embark on an epic Pokemon adventure like no other? Join us on RC-Gamers Pixelmon Net...


Welcome to PokeUnderground, a brand new Pixelmon adventure that will take you to new heights in the world of Pokemon!Are you ready to embark on an epic journey filled with excitement, challenges, and the thrill of catching and training your very own Pokemon? Look no further! PokeUnderground is he...

442Direwolf20 by Crafters...

Welcome to Direwolf20 by CraftersLand - the ultimate Minecraft server for the adventurous modded gameplay experience!Website: www.craftersland.net | Forum: forum.craftersland.netServer Address: dw16.craftersland.netServer Highlights:Grief Prevention: We understand the importance of protecting you...

563Project Halcyon

Welcome to Project Halcyon, an exceptional Minecraft server that embraces diversity and offers an unforgettable gaming experience.As a China Mainland server, we primarily communicate in Chinese on our website and various platforms. However, we warmly welcome players from all around the world to j...


Servidor con survival , vanilla , modspack , minu juegos y mucho mas Entra y diviertete!

628The Aether Legacy Mult...

Welcome to The Aether Legacy Multiplayer Survival, an extraordinary Minecraft server that brings the enchanting Aether dimension to life! Immerse yourself in a modded survival experience like no other, where you'll venture into the wondrous Aether realm alongside a vibrant community of players.Ou...

722FinalCraft IDEAL

FinalCraft IDEAL - Explore a World of Magic and Technology!Welcome to FinalCraft IDEAL, a unique Minecraft Modpack designed in collaboration with our vibrant community. This Modpack has been a project nurtured within the Minecraft Brasil forum for several months, where we engaged in passionate di...


Welcome to Dank, a small and private Minecraft community seeking a few more trusted individuals to join our ranks. Our server operates on a whitelist-only basis, ensuring a secure and enjoyable environment for our members.At Dank, we embrace the latest version of MC.Eternal, a comprehensive modpa...


Here are some key aspects of Minecraft Modpack Servers:

  1. Modpack Selection: Modpack Servers offer a wide variety of modpacks for players to choose from. These modpacks cater to different play styles, themes, and preferences. Some modpacks focus on technology and automation, while others emphasize magic, exploration, or quests. The selection of modpacks allows players to find a modded gameplay experience that aligns with their interests.

  2. Customization and Balance: Modpacks are carefully curated to ensure that the included mods work together harmoniously and offer a balanced gameplay experience. Modpack creators often spend considerable time testing and configuring the mods to provide a cohesive and enjoyable experience for players. The modpacks may include custom configurations, tweaks, or mod interactions to optimize the gameplay balance.

  3. Mod Management and Installation: Modpack Servers simplify the process of installing and managing mods. Players can connect to the server and easily download and install the required modpack. The server handles the necessary modifications to the Minecraft client, allowing players to join and play without the need to manually install individual mods.

  4. Enhanced Gameplay and Features: Modpacks introduce a wide range of new gameplay features and mechanics that go beyond the vanilla Minecraft experience. These can include new dimensions to explore, additional biomes, mobs, items, crafting recipes, machinery, magic systems, quests, and more. The mods in the modpacks expand the possibilities and depth of gameplay.

  5. Community and Multiplayer Interaction: Modpack Servers foster a sense of community and multiplayer interaction. Players can join together, collaborate, and share their experiences within the modded gameplay environment. Modpack-specific communities may have forums, Discord servers, or other platforms where players can connect, discuss mods, share tips and tricks, and showcase their creations.

  6. Stability and Performance: Running a Modpack Server requires careful consideration of server performance and stability. Modpacks can be resource-intensive, and server administrators need to ensure that the server can handle the increased demands of the mods. They may implement optimizations, configure server settings, or use performance-enhancing plugins to ensure smooth gameplay for all players.

  7. Updates and Maintenance: Modpack Servers require regular updates and maintenance to keep up with mod updates and bug fixes. Modpack creators or server administrators need to stay informed about mod updates and ensure that the modpack remains compatible and functional. Regular server maintenance is essential to provide a stable and enjoyable gameplay experience for the players.

  8. Modpack-Specific Features and Progression: Some modpacks include their own unique features, progression systems, or quests. These elements guide players through specific goals, objectives, or storylines within the modded gameplay experience. Modpack-specific features can enhance immersion and provide players with a structured gameplay experience.

Minecraft Modpack Servers offer a convenient and streamlined way for players to access curated collections of mods and enjoy a modded gameplay experience. With a wide range of modpacks to choose from, enhanced gameplay features, and the ability to connect with a community of like-minded players, Modpack Servers provide an immersive and customized multiplayer experience within the Minecraft universe.