Minecraft PvP Servers

Minecraft PvP Servers are multiplayer servers that focus on player versus player (PvP) combat within the Minecraft world. These servers provide an environment where players can engage in intense battles, strategic warfare, and competitive gameplay against each other.

Minecraft PvP Servers List

Rank Name Server Players Status
2Hypixel Network

Welcome to the Hypixel Network, the ultimate destination for an unparalleled Minecraft gaming experience! Discover a world of limitless possibilities as you join our thriving community of players from around the globe.With over 35 unique games to choose from, including fan favorites like Megawall...


Welcome to MineSuperior - Where Adventure Awaits!Step into a world of endless possibilities and embark on an extraordinary Minecraft journey on MineSuperior. We are proud to be part of the next generation of networks, dedicated to providing the ultimate gaming experience for players like you.At M...

4Vortex Network

Welcome to Vortex Network, the ultimate frontier of space-themed Minecraft adventures! Brace yourself for an out-of-this-world experience as you delve into a captivating universe packed with popular game modes that will leave you mesmerized.Embark on an epic journey through the cosmos as you expl...


¡Bienvenido a UniversoCraft!Prepárate para sumergirte en una experiencia de Minecraft única en nuestro servidor. Con un equipo profesional y dedicado, UniversoCraft te brinda un entorno de juego excepcional. Como servidor "semi premium", ofrecemos una evolución constant...

7Minemen Club

Welcome to Minemen Club, the ultimate PvP practice server designed to sharpen your skills and take your gameplay to new heights. Prepare to engage in thrilling battles and face off against players from various regions in a dynamic and competitive environment.At Minemen Club, we offer a range of e...

8HyCraft Network

Bienvenido al HyCraft Network,Somos una comunidad de Minecraft dedicada y responsable que busca innovar y brindar experiencias únicas día tras día. Nuestra red de Minecraft Java Edition ofrece una amplia variedad de minijuegos dentro del servidor con el objetivo de brindar di...

10kitpvp.org | killstrea...

Welcome to kitPvP.org, the ultimate killstreak-based Minecraft server where the thrill of combat reaches new heights! Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-fueled PvP experience like no other.On kitPvP.org, your skill and strategy are rewarded with powerful items and advantages. As you build impress...


Welcome to Crucium Minecraft Server!Are you searching for a prison experience like no other? Your quest ends here!Crucium is a unique and exhilarating server that combines the best of both worlds. We seamlessly blend OP enchanting elements with the charm of a classic prison gameplay, delivering a...


Welcome to Rinaorc, the ultimate destination for Minecraft enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable gaming experience! As a renowned French server, we take pride in delivering excellence in every aspect of our gameplay.Prepare yourself for boundless fun as you join forces with your friends in an exte...

13CubeCraft Games

Welcome to CubeCraft Games - Where Adventure Knows No Bounds!Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey as you step into one of the largest server networks in the world. At CubeCraft Games, we are dedicated to delivering the ultimate gaming experience and ensuring endless fun for players of al...


Welcome to OPLegends, the server that delivers custom and unique experiences like no other. Prepare to be captivated and amazed as you delve into an extraordinary world filled with endless possibilities.At OPLegends, we pride ourselves on crafting an unparalleled gameplay experience that sets us ...

16VoxCraft Network

¡Bienvenido a VoxCraft Network! Sumérgete en una experiencia de juego excepcional en nuestra red latinoamericana centrada en las modalidades de supervivencia. Con un enfoque en la calidad y la satisfacción de nuestros jugadores, estamos aquí para ofrecerte una experienc...


Welcome to TheArchon, your gateway to an exceptional Minecraft server experience. Prepare to be captivated by our collection of incredibly high-quality gamemodes, featuring both beloved classics and innovative new additions.Dive into the timeless world of Factions, where strategic alliances and i...


Welcome to Minefort, the ultimate free Minecraft server hosting platform that empowers you to create your own virtual world! Whether you're seeking a place to have fun with friends, embark on exciting adventures, or simply build and customize your own server, Minefort has got you covered.With Min...


Welcome to OPEmpire, the ultimate destination for an overpowered Minecraft experience!Immerse yourself in our network of high-octane servers, each offering its own thrilling gameplay and endless opportunities for domination. Prepare to unleash your inner champion as you explore our diverse range ...


Welcome to ZedarSMP!ZedarSMP is an immersive and exciting survival server that offers a variety of unique features to enhance your gameplay experience. Join our community of passionate players and embark on an unforgettable adventure in the world of Minecraft.Here are some of the thrilling featur...


Welcome to Foxcraft Minecraft Server!Established in 2011, Foxcraft is a veteran Minecraft Server Network that has stood the test of time. Our dedicated playerbase has been enjoying our diverse selection of classic gamemodes, including Prison, Skyblock, Survival, Creative, and more. But that's not...


Welcome to Snapcraft - Unleash Your Minecraft Imagination!Prepare to embark on an extraordinary adventure in the most amazing cloud network you will ever encounter. At Snapcraft, we have crafted an unparalleled gaming experience that will leave you in awe. With mind-blowing builds, a vibrant comm...

25Kinetic Network

Welcome to the Kinetic Network, where a world of immersive modded Minecraft experiences awaits you. With a rich history spanning over 4 years, we have established ourselves as a leading provider of custom-built modpacks. In 2021, we expanded our offerings to include FTB and Curse modpacks, furthe...


Welcome to JackpotMC, the ultimate PvP-focused Minecraft server where thrilling battles and intense gameplay reign supreme. Prepare yourself for the latest addition to our lineup: Lifesteal SMP, a one-of-a-kind game mode that takes PvP to a whole new level.In Lifesteal SMP, players have the extra...


Welcome to ReactiveMC!Experience the ultimate freedom of choice on our diverse and dynamic Minecraft server network. ReactiveMC offers a collection of servers carefully crafted to cater to every player's taste. Whether you're a fierce PvPer, a strategic faction leader, or a sky-high adventurer, w...


Welcome to PvPWars, the ultimate network of Minecraft servers that has been capturing the hearts of players since its release on March 25th, 2017. With a wealth of experience in hosting engaging, popular, and innovative servers, PvPWars is your gateway to unforgettable Minecraft adventures.Immers...

34Diamond Fire

Welcome to Diamond Fire, the ultimate destination for action-packed mini-games in the Minecraft universe!Experience the thrill of intense competition as you immerse yourself in a variety of engaging game modes. Our server offers a selection of exhilarating mini-games that will test your skills an...

36MineBox Network

¡Bienvenido a MineBox Network! Somos una red hispanohablante de Minecraft, diseñada para brindarte una experiencia excepcional sin necesidad de pagar una membresía Premium.En MineBox, podrás disfrutar de diversas modalidades de juego junto a tus amigos. Sumérgete...

40Blurkit Network

¡Bienvenido a Blurkit Network! La comunidad perfecta para entretener y brindarte momentos inolvidables en nuestros servidores.En Blurkit Network, estamos comprometidos en proporcionarte una experiencia de juego excepcional. Sumérgete en nuestra red de servidores en español, di...


Here are some key aspects of Minecraft PvP Servers:

  1. PvP-focused Gameplay: PvP Servers are designed to emphasize player combat. They provide dedicated areas, arenas, or game modes where players can engage in combat against each other. PvP gameplay can involve various game modes, including team-based battles, free-for-all deathmatches, capture-the-flag, and more.

  2. PvP Arenas and Maps: PvP Servers often feature custom-built arenas or maps specifically designed for PvP battles. These arenas may have strategic layouts, diverse terrain, and structures that provide tactical advantages or obstacles during combat. These environments are created to enhance the PvP experience and offer engaging gameplay scenarios.

  3. PvP Game Modes: PvP Servers can offer a variety of game modes that go beyond traditional combat. These game modes may include objective-based battles, such as capturing and holding control points, completing objectives within a time limit, or defending and attacking bases. PvP game modes add depth and strategy to the gameplay experience.

  4. PvP Kits and Loadouts: PvP Servers often provide players with pre-set kits or loadouts that include specific weapons, armor, and items for balanced gameplay. These kits ensure that all players have access to similar gear and create a level playing field. Players may be able to earn or unlock more powerful kits as they progress or gain experience.

  5. Ranking and Leaderboards: PvP Servers may implement ranking systems and leaderboards to track players' performance and achievements. Players can earn points or experience through victories, kills, or other objectives, allowing them to climb the rankings and earn recognition for their skills. Leaderboards foster competition and provide a sense of accomplishment.

  6. PvP Events and Tournaments: PvP Servers often organize special events or tournaments where players can compete against each other in organized PvP battles. These events can include unique challenges, rewards, or special game modes. Tournaments allow players to showcase their skills, compete for prizes, and enjoy a heightened level of PvP competition.

  7. PvP Customization and Rewards: PvP Servers may offer customization options and rewards for players. This can include cosmetic enhancements, such as unique skins or particle effects, that allow players to personalize their characters. Servers may also have in-game shops or currency systems where players can purchase or earn special items, upgrades, or enhancements for their PvP experience.

  8. Community and PvP Interaction: PvP Servers encourage community interaction and engagement among players. They often provide chat systems, forums, or Discord servers where players can communicate, strategize, or form alliances. PvP communities allow players to share tips, discuss tactics, and coordinate battles, fostering a sense of camaraderie and competition.

Minecraft PvP Servers provide an exhilarating and competitive multiplayer experience, focusing on intense player versus player combat. With dedicated PvP arenas, custom game modes, ranking systems, and a vibrant PvP community, these servers offer an immersive and challenging PvP environment within the Minecraft universe.