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RL Craft is a modpack that was created by Shivaxi. Shivaxi says that RLCraft (RL being Real Life or Realism) is a modpack for Minecraft. It is a take-off of a mod I made for Unreal called RLCoop.

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Rank Name Server Players Status
226RLCraft - Circle of Mercy

Three RLCraft Servers in one! You can select a Server to your own liking! - PvE with KeepInvntory and Landclaim - PvP without KeepInventory and with Landclaim - PvP in pure Anarchy Style, no Claims, no Economy, only basic Commands. Your choice!


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Browse the best Minecraft RLCraft servers and find yourself a new RLCraft server to play on. Here we list RLCraft Servers ranked by player-votes, you can also find server details, stats, and active players. If you like a server you can also vote for them helping the server gain more players and grow - in turn most the servers will reward you, usually with in-game items or currency.