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826Sacred HollowSacred Hollow

New Minecraft server Sacred Hollow was added 2 weeks ago. Sacred Hollow provides the community with an amazing survival experience right from spawn. Come join us at Sacred Hollow and grab your very own adventure. We offer 1.13.2 grief protected su...


New Minecraft server SkiMinecraft was added 2 weeks ago. Skimin est un serveur RP de ski sur MINECRAFT 1.10 . Pour le RP, c'est simple : Des mtiers varis en rapport avec le ski comme : " Pisteur secouriste, Perchman, dameur, Secouriste du...


New Minecraft server HatchCraft was added 2 weeks ago. A Minecraft PVP Server We Need Staff. And Get a Free Untouched KIT! go too Then Go Too Code Too Get A Code And Then Thats How Too Get a untouched kit And A Free Slaye...

913Cubecastle SkyblockCubecastle Skyblock

New Minecraft server Cubecastle Skyblock was added 2 weeks ago. Hello! We are a skyblock server with things like tier rankups, lots of kits, GUI everything, crates, 1v1 duels, cosmetics, oregen, and much much more! We just launched and are in need...

925EU SMP -...EU SMP - Slimefun

New Minecraft server EU SMP - Slimefun was added 2 weeks ago. Just a random small minecraft server run by side for fun, hosted in germany on a pretty good dedicated machine, we have a normal survival world and slimefun :D Rules: 1 No...


New Minecraft server AzNation was added 2 weeks ago. Welcome to the AzNation Minecraft Server AzNation is the latest survival Minecraft server headed by many veteran Minecraft server owners and staff members and has now been reimagined for the mod...

95Wolfx SurvivalWolfx Survival

New Minecraft server Wolfx Survival was added 2 weeks ago. Wolfx Survival server Server IP: Support version: 1.12.2-1.18.2 Server website: *There are few rules and no OP


New Minecraft server Diamonds was added 2 weeks ago. Welcome to our christian minecraft server. We offer you 1.14 survivial without any nasty complicated plugins. We also grant your base a raid protection. We are happy to see you xoxo The Diamonds


New Minecraft server Altervis was added 2 weeks ago. All new Towny server, based with a balanced economy and tuned to promote community and competition! We have jobs, custom random enemies, and na economy to push forward innovation for those that ...

1267Semi-Vanilla New UK-US...Semi-Vanilla New UK-US Friendly

New Minecraft server Semi-Vanilla New UK-US Friendly was added 2 weeks ago. Hey there ! We are a friendly Minecraft community consisting of Americans and British dudes, we have grief prevention, time based ranks, unlimited set homes and more to im...

1596Great Light DesertGreat Light Desert

New Minecraft server Great Light Desert was added 2 weeks ago. Welcome to the Great Light Desert! This server is all about making a name for yourself, and becoming a legend of the desert. You can create your own town and nation, build marketplaces...

1022AzeriaMC SurvivalAzeriaMC Survival

New Minecraft server AzeriaMC Survival was added 2 weeks ago. AzeriaMC is a feature-rich Survival Minecraft server with massive custom builds, clans, custom mobs, events, items with unique special abilities, and players get rewarded for doing Mine...


New Minecraft server FamousCraft was added 2 weeks ago. No DescNo DescNo DescNo DescNo DescNo DescNo DescNo DescNo DescNo DescNo DescNo DescNo DescNo DescNo DescNo DescNo DescNo DescNo DescNo DescNo DescNo DescNo DescNo DescNo DescNo DescNo DescNo...


New Minecraft server Kastelcraft was added 2 weeks ago. Servidor 1.8.X - 1.14 - Factions 1.8.X - SkyWars 1.8.X - SkyBlock 1.8.X - Survival 1.14 Servidor 1.8.X - 1.14 - Factions 1.8.X - SkyWars 1.8.X - SkyBlock 1.8.X - Survival 1.14

1309Real SurvivalReal Survival

New Minecraft server Real Survival was added 2 weeks ago. Quick-updating survival and build server with dynmap and minimal modding: teleports, land claiming (RedProtect) and Essentials. The world is backed up regularly and intended to be in use fo...


New Minecraft server WorldCraft was added 2 weeks ago. Come, join us in a fun Faction / PvP experience! From the deep, fiery depths of the Nether, to the dark, infinite abyss of the End, the world will be in your hands! Make astounding bases to de...


New Minecraft server ASkyblock was added 2 weeks ago. ASkyblock is a unique OP skyblock server which combines all the great things everyones favourite skyblock servers have. - Custom Mob Drops - Custom Upgradeable Generators - Custom Shards and sh...


New Minecraft server Cybercraft was added 2 weeks ago. MINECRAFT SERVER 1.8-1.14 | NEED STAFF | FACTIONS | 2019 | CyberCraft JOIN US NOW CYBERCRAFT!!! - Factions - PVP - Raiding - Need staff - /Shop - /Ftop , TOP 1 FACTIONS GETS 20 IN BUYCRAFT

1260Minecraft ArgentinaMinecraft Argentina

New Minecraft server Minecraft Argentina was added 2 weeks ago. Server de Minecraft Argentino, generalmente en vanilla y la ultima version disponible.


New Minecraft server LunarEclipse was added 2 weeks ago. Hey you are you bored? Don't worry! I made a very unique friendly server for players!Version 1.8.8 - 1.16.x, please invite others to this server! Gain Perks and Roles by doing so! Discor...


New Minecraft server MinecraftOverlords was added 2 weeks ago. Server to test my new hardware. 20 players, no PVP, keepInventory true. Family friendly no whitelist.

902marCloud SurvivalmarCloud Survival

New Minecraft server marCloud Survival was added 2 weeks ago. Best 1.14 Survival server. Free for all. Released few seconds after 1.14 release. Join our discord and subscribe to youtube... Just kidding. Only nooby servers would do this. We are not...

1152KFPMC 2.0KFPMC 2.0

New Minecraft server KFPMC 2.0 was added 2 weeks ago. **New Survival map started Oct 24th** has been around for roughly 10 years, we are a smallish server with a very friendly and respectful community. The server is located in America bu...

1501Complexity CraftComplexity Craft

New Minecraft server Complexity Craft was added 2 weeks ago. ComplexityCraft is part of the next generation of networks. Designed to be for the players. Always constantly adding new ideas. Designed to be transparent. Designed for all. We are looki...

1395Divurzity NetworkDivurzity Network

New Minecraft server Divurzity Network was added 2 weeks ago. Divurzity Network is........................................................................................................