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List of new Minecraft servers - descriptions, IP-addresses and statistics. Also, screen shots, videos, comments, and other useful information. There are thousands of Minecraft servers. Play with your friends in your favorite Minecraft project!

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Rank Name Server Players Status
278V For Vanilla

Server IP: Server Discord: V For Vanilla is a vanilla SMP started on the 4th of December, 2021. Our goal is to provide players with the best vanilla gameplay experience possible. We have minimal admin interference, giving players the freedom to play...

958VisionMC Network

VisionMC, is a Practice server with legacy and modern versions! we support 1.7 - 1.18

380One World - One Life

One World - a Minecraft Server with a Twist: If you die, you're tempbanned. Now with Crossplay! One World One Life is a project to encourage critical survival thinking inside of virtual worlds - possibly creating civilisation, politics and a world order in a world without fundamental rules. T...


MCBanters Minecraft Server Supporting Both Java & Bedrock Clients Still under construction, looking for staff, first world Anarchy Limited. This world is only 2000x2000 blocks, what happens when it runs out ? About MC Banters... We are a multi world server bringing standard and New ideas as we gr...

535Bootstraps MC

Are you ready to test your skills, survive and explore a beautiful, unforgiving world? Wish dolphins and bees attacked you on sight and that you could die from hypothermia in the winter? Bootstraps is the perfect place for you. We offer a survivalist, lifesteal, no-build experience. Every time yo...

111Prosper Prison

Prosper Prison is a prison server with amazing features and unique plugins. We are dedicated to making the player experience exceptional. Here are some of the things that we offer on the server: - Survival world where you can experience the originality of Minecraft. - Skyblock world where you can...

68Powercraft Network

Hey there! We offer a variety of crazy fun servers available on Java & Bedrock. The servers are lag-free, has a friendly community and are designed to give you an amazing experience! So what are you waiting for? Come and have fun with us at the IP: Servers Cops & Robbers Factio...


Forever Play is a multiplayer, Minecraft community where you can customize your character, make friends, chat, design your own apartment, and so much more. The Forever Play world is designed to allow players to create, explore, imagine and play. Around here, it's about being who you are and m...


Servidor con survival , vanilla , modspack , minu juegos y mucho mas Entra y diviertete!


We area fun 1.19 server with plugins and other features for players to check out and enjoy. We are a nice comunity looking for more members to add-on and enjoy a fun experience with. Come join us today! Discord:


Bienvenido a EclatMC, este servidor va mejorando poco a poco, espero que disfrutes jugar en este servidor, y no olvides invitar a tus amigos! Este servidor dispone por el momento SkyWars y Anarquía, cuyas modalidades son populares en el mundo de Minecraft. Ve jugando con tus y dale apoyo al servi...

447Sacred Hollow

Sacred Hollow provides the community with an amazing survival experience right from spawn. Come join us at Sacred Hollow and grab your very own adventure. We offer 1.13.2 grief protected survival, land claims, voting with rewards, economy, and ranks. Our server runs Paper for the best playing exp...


Skimin est un serveur RP de ski sur MINECRAFT 1.10 . Pour le RP, c'est simple : Des mtiers varis en rapport avec le ski comme : " Pisteur secouriste, Perchman, dameur, Secouriste du PGHM avec des mdecins urgentistes" Vous pourrez vous reconvertir en des METIERS HORS DU COMMUN en dev...


A Minecraft PVP Server We Need Staff. And Get a Free Untouched KIT! go too Then Go Too Code Too Get A Code And Then Thats How Too Get a untouched kit And A Free Slayer Kit Warning Untouched is harder Cuase After The Untouched You Must Have atleast 20 kill with 10 deaths

604Cubecastle Skyblock

Hello! We are a skyblock server with things like tier rankups, lots of kits, GUI everything, crates, 1v1 duels, cosmetics, oregen, and much much more! We just launched and are in need of staff! Come join!

545EU SMP -...

Just a random small minecraft server run by side for fun, hosted in germany on a pretty good dedicated machine, we have a normal survival world and slimefun :D Rules: 1 No Griefing. 2 No Stealing. 3 No Spamming. 4 No Advertising. 5 No Racist or Sexist Remarks. 6 No Mods/Hacks (Ask staff) 7 No Cha...

747Wolfx Survival

Wolfx Survival server Server IP: Support version: 1.12.2-1.18.2 Server website: *There are few rules and no OP

670Semi-Vanilla New UK-US...

Hey there ! We are a friendly Minecraft community consisting of Americans and British dudes, we have grief prevention, time based ranks, unlimited set homes and more to improve your Minecraft experience ! We are always updated to the latest minecraft version ! W have been around for two weeks now...

454AzeriaMC Survival

AzeriaMC is a feature-rich Survival Minecraft server with massive custom builds, clans, custom mobs, events, items with unique special abilities, and players get rewarded for doing Minecraft tasks such as mining, fishing, and slaying the dragon. How Anarchy is AzeriaMC? - No land claim. - No mode...


Servidor 1.8.X - 1.14 - Factions 1.8.X - SkyWars 1.8.X - SkyBlock 1.8.X - Survival 1.14 Servidor 1.8.X - 1.14 - Factions 1.8.X - SkyWars 1.8.X - SkyBlock 1.8.X - Survival 1.14

446Real Survival

Quick-updating survival and build server with dynmap and minimal modding: teleports, land claiming (RedProtect) and Essentials. The world is backed up regularly and intended to be in use for years. NOT MODERATED OR CENSORED.


ASkyblock is a unique OP skyblock server which combines all the great things everyones favourite skyblock servers have. - Custom Mob Drops - Custom Upgradeable Generators - Custom Shards and shard shop - Much more

445Minecraft Argentina

Server de Minecraft Argentino, generalmente en vanilla y la ultima version disponible.

394marCloud Survival

Best 1.14 Survival server. Free for all. Released few seconds after 1.14 release. Join our discord and subscribe to youtube... Just kidding. Only nooby servers would do this. We are not nooby. Are we? You don't know? Then join and decide!

556KFPMC 2.0

**New Survival map started Oct 24th** has been around for roughly 10 years, we are a smallish server with a very friendly and respectful community. The server is located in America but we have a large EU player base as well. Stuff on our server: Survival PVE - main map Economy - Persona...