PvE Minecraft Servers

PvE (Player versus Environment) Minecraft Servers are multiplayer servers that focus on cooperative gameplay and exploration in a non-competitive environment. In PvE servers, the primary gameplay revolves around interaction with the environment, battling mobs (hostile creatures), completing quests, and engaging in various activities that do not involve direct player-versus-player combat.

PvE Minecraft Servers List

Rank Name Server Players Status
87Reds Resort

Welcome to Red's Resort! Established on May 2nd, 2021, we strive to provide a balanced and refined survival experience for all players, accompanied by a vibrant and welcoming community where you can chill and hangout with like-minded individuals.~ ~ ~ Survival ~ ~ ~Immerse yourself in our challen...

92Fewer Network

Welcome to Fewer Network, the ultimate destination for an extraordinary Minecraft experience! Prepare yourself for a wide range of thrilling gamemodes, exciting events, and a vibrant community that will captivate your imagination.At Fewer Network, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse selectio...

93DreamLand Survival

Welcome to DreamLand Survival!Immerse yourself in a unique and enchanting survival experience like no other. Our server offers a plethora of custom features and gameplay elements that will keep you engaged for hours on end. From Towny to a range of custom systems, we've created a world where your...


Welcome to ZenPalace!Immerse yourself in the tranquility of our community-based SMP server, where the possibilities are endless and the journey is yours to shape. At ZenPalace, we offer a unique blend of features and a welcoming community that will make your Minecraft experience truly unforgettab...

95Herocraft MMORPG

Welcome to Herocraft MMORPG, the original and ultimate Heroes RPG Minecraft server. Immerse yourself in a world of adventure, where you can choose from a wide array of classes such as Paladin, Ranger, Wizard, Cleric, and many more. Become a master of various professions like Engineer, Smith, Farm...

102Sky Sphere Anarchy

Welcome to Sky Sphere Anarchy, where chaos and adventure collide in a unique and thrilling survival experience! Brace yourself for a journey unlike any other as you step into a world built around the enigmatic "Sky Sphere" - a mesmerizing and ever-changing ball of resources at the heart of the se...

103Naruto Unleashed Rebor...

Welcome to Naruto Unleashed Reborn (NUR) - an Awesome Experience Awaits![Revamped Beta]Join us on an epic journey inspired by the captivating world of Naruto. Whether you're a die-hard fan of the manga and anime or simply looking for a unique and exciting RPG experience, Naruto Unleashed Reborn w...

106Lexiphy Customs

Welcome to Lexiphy Customs, the ultimate destination for Minecraft players seeking a truly immersive and challenging experience! Are you tired of the same old Minecraft gameplay, finding it too easy and predictable? Look no further, because your dream server has arrived!At Lexiphy Customs, we pri...


Welcome to SkySplat, the ultimate SkyMining adventure awaits you! Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey as you leap from island to island, mining valuable resources and ascending to greatness!Immerse yourself in the captivating world of SkySplat, where each island offers a unique mining expe...


Welcome to MetaMechanists, a cutting-edge Minecraft server built for those who love automation and innovation. Our server is the brainchild of a close-knit group of friends who are passionate about creating an exceptional gaming experience.At MetaMechanists, we embrace the power of plugins to enh...


Welcome to TulipSurvival, the ultimate destination for a super chill and immersive Minecraft Survival experience!In our server, we strive to create a welcoming and friendly community where players can enjoy the true essence of survival gameplay. Whether you're exploring the vast landscapes on you...


Welcome to Stompzcraft, a thriving Minecraft server that has stood the test of time and is ready to make its triumphant return. Immerse yourself in our brand new survival world as we embark on an exciting journey filled with adventure, camaraderie, and endless possibilities.Our well-established c...

121GamesLabs network

Welcome to the GamesLabs network, where the world of Minecraft comes alive with a plethora of unique features, exciting games, and an immersive gameplay experience like no other. After a year of dedicated work, we are thrilled to bring the network back to life, better than ever before!Our network...


Welcome to SwanCraft, where you can spread your wings and find your true home in the vast world of Minecraft!In a landscape filled with impersonal Minecraft Networks and generic hub servers, SwanCraft stands out by offering you something truly special: a place that feels like a real home. Our ded...


Welcome to Rencorner!Are you searching for a dynamic and diverse Minecraft server experience? Look no further! Rencorner offers a wide range of gameplay modes and features that cater to every player's taste and preference.Join our thriving community and explore the following server offerings:Surv...

129Abyss Semi-Vanilla

Welcome to Abyss Semi-Vanilla, where trust and community collaboration are at the heart of our server! Step into a world where the power of teamwork and cooperation can create wonders beyond imagination.At AbyssMC, we embrace the spirit of a true semi-vanilla experience. We believe in the inheren...

131Prison Island Classic ...

Welcome to Prison Island, the classic prison server that takes you on an immersive journey into the world of incarceration and redemption. Run by the dedicated staff behind the renowned Convicted prison server, we bring you a nostalgic yet exciting prison experience like no other.Step into our vi...

133True Minecraft

Welcome to True Minecraft, where you can enjoy a true semi-vanilla experience accompanied by a friendly and mature community! Our server is dedicated to enhancing the multiplayer aspect of survival while preserving the essence of vanilla gameplay. Join us and embark on an unforgettable adventure ...

138Art Union

Welcome to Art Union, the ultimate Minecraft server for all things art and more!Immerse yourself in a world of creativity and expression as we bring together a vibrant community of artists, builders, and enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned creator or just starting your artistic journey, Art Un...


Welcome to freakplot, the ultimate crossplay compatible Minecraft multiplayer SMP server. Whether you're playing on PC, console, or any other platform, everyone is welcome to join in on the fun! Say goodbye to platform restrictions and embrace the freedom to play with friends and fellow Minecraft...


Welcome to MineRefuge - Your Ultimate Survival and OneBlock Adventure!Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary Minecraft journey? Look no further than MineRefuge, the #1 destination for Survival and OneBlock gameplay! Immerse yourself in our captivating world and discover unique experiences th...


Welcome to RealisticWorld, the ultimate destination for those seeking a truly immersive and realistic survival experience in Minecraft!Step into our server and prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey where every aspect of survival has been meticulously crafted to resemble real-life challeng...


Welcome to HelloMiners, a thriving modern city economy server that has been shaping the Minecraft community since 2011. As one of the oldest and most close-knit communities in Minecraft, HelloMiners offers a truly unique and immersive experience that sets us apart from the rest.Step into a world ...

170Total War Age of Blood

Welcome to Total War: Age of Blood!Prepare yourself for an exhilarating Minecraft PvP experience unlike any other. Total War: Age of Blood is a server that immerses you in a world inspired by Earth's map, where players establish and lead their own countries, engaging in epic battles over limited ...

171Oasis Network

Embark on an extraordinary adventure like no other in the Oasis Network, the ultimate destination for aspiring demon slayers. Formerly known as the Demon Slayer Corps, our server is dedicated to providing a thrilling and immersive experience that will test your skills and bravery.Step into a worl...


Here are some key aspects of PvE Minecraft Servers:

  1. Cooperative Gameplay: PvE servers encourage players to work together and cooperate towards common goals. Players can team up to build structures, explore dungeons, tackle challenges, or complete quests. The focus is on collaboration and supporting each other rather than engaging in PvP combat.

  2. Mob Encounters and Exploration: PvE servers feature a variety of mobs and creatures that players can encounter while exploring the Minecraft world. These mobs can include zombies, skeletons, spiders, and other hostile creatures. Players must navigate these environments, gather resources, and fight mobs to survive and progress.

  3. Quests and Objectives: PvE servers often offer quests and objectives to provide players with a sense of progression and purpose. These quests can range from simple tasks like gathering specific items or materials to more complex challenges that require teamwork and strategy. Completing quests may reward players with experience points, in-game currency, items, or other benefits.

  4. PvE-focused Gameplay Mechanics: PvE servers may introduce additional gameplay mechanics to enhance the PvE experience. This can include custom mob behavior, unique boss battles, special events, or mechanics that encourage exploration and cooperation. These additions provide a distinct PvE-oriented gameplay experience compared to traditional survival or creative modes.

  5. Building and Infrastructure: PvE servers often have a strong emphasis on building and infrastructure development. Players can construct bases, towns, or communities where they can live and collaborate with others. Building structures can be both functional and aesthetic, serving as a hub for activities, resource storage, or communal gathering areas.

  6. Community and Economy: PvE servers foster a sense of community among players. They provide a platform for players to interact, chat, and form friendships. Some PvE servers may also introduce an economy system, where players can trade resources, items, or services with each other, adding an additional layer of player interaction and cooperation.

  7. Server Rules and Moderation: PvE servers often have specific rules and guidelines in place to ensure fair gameplay, respectful behavior, and a positive gaming environment. These rules may include restrictions on PvP combat, griefing prevention, and guidelines for cooperation and teamwork. Active moderation helps maintain the server's integrity and enforces the established rules.

  8. Customization and Server Features: PvE servers may include custom plugins, mods, or additional features to enhance the PvE experience. These can range from quality-of-life improvements, such as teleportation systems or land protection, to unique gameplay mechanics, custom mobs, or exclusive content designed for PvE gameplay.

PvE Minecraft Servers offer a cooperative and non-competitive gameplay experience, where players can work together to explore, build, and conquer challenges in a hostile Minecraft environment. The focus is on cooperation, teamwork, and overcoming the environmental obstacles rather than engaging in player-versus-player combat. These servers provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for players who enjoy collaborative gameplay and want to experience Minecraft in a PvE-focused setting.