Minecraft Raiding Servers

Minecraft Raiding Servers allow players to raid bases or players.

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ZedarSMP is tagged as Raiding server. A survival server which includes, LifeSteal, Earth Survival and much more! A kind community to lead you through your adventure!


MelonSMP is tagged as Raiding server. MelonSMP community is very kind and our staff are always here for you no matter what our servers also bedrock crossplay and we have a ton of game modes without any lag! Server Are on [1.8 - 1.17] SurivivalSMP ...


JackpotMC is tagged as Raiding server. JackpotMC is a server focused on PvP game modes, with our latest game mode being Lifesteal SMP. This is a one of kind, unique SMP that allows players to steal hearts from each other. Once a player kills anoth...


Vulengate is tagged as Raiding server. Vulengate is a community focused survival server where Keep Inventory is enabled and griefing/raiding is strictly prohibited. The economy is community driven, with a variety of ways to earn money. You can joi...


Newwind is tagged as Raiding server. Minecraft survival with clans, quests, PVP, events, and hundreds of custom items whilst preserving a vanilla feel. - There are basically no rules except do not hack or exploit. - There is no land claim. - There...

118Steinercraft - Vanilla...Steinercraft - Vanilla based survival

Steinercraft - Vanilla based survival is tagged as Raiding server. We have been running since 2015 and we are not planning to stop. Our aim is to preserve the vanilla gameplay mechanics as much as possible to satisfy a broad audience of players. T...

124Tribal NetworkTribal Network

Tribal Network is tagged as Raiding server. Join our official discord: https://discord.tribal.gg Server IP: play.tribal.gg Store: https://store.tribal.gg Join our server for many different gamemode's and to play with many others!


CladeCraft is tagged as Raiding server. CladeCraft Factions is a very fun and unique Hardcore factions gamemode, there is no other server like it! The server is running on 1.16.4 but you are able to play on any version from 1.8-1.17! We have many ...

141Hyperion NetworkHyperion Network

Hyperion Network is tagged as Raiding server. The HYPERION-NETWORK is made up of a Hub, Op-Factions, and soon to be added Op-Prison. When you login to the server you will spawn in the hub, where you may use the clock to go to any part of the serve...

154MoltresPvP NetworkMoltresPvP Network

MoltresPvP Network is tagged as Raiding server. MoltresPvP Network is a server focused around providing pvp with multiple and expanding gamemodes. MoltresPvP has a diverse community of players and staff, and we strive to provide new, unique, and f...

158Toxic Rain ServerToxic Rain Server

Toxic Rain Server is tagged as Raiding server. Toxic Rain server is a family run server. We are looking for more friends to come and join us and have some fun. Server is modded and will have a Mod list Uploaded soon so to easily have access to the...

162gaplsrgud SMPgaplsrgud SMP

gaplsrgud SMP is tagged as Raiding server. gaplsrgud.club is a 1.17.1 survival server with many plugins to enhance the experience. it features a 17000 radius circular map and has kingdoms. server released 8/13/2021

178The Empire ServerThe Empire Server

The Empire Server is tagged as Raiding server. This is a Minecraft city server with 2 countries! The capitalist Emperial and the socialist New New Ireland. You can choose how you want to live your life and do whatever you want. There is politics, ...


TribalPvP is tagged as Raiding server. Come over to TribalPvP for lots of fun and new experiences.Features:- In-Game buyable ranks- /f fly- Chunkbusters- Mobcoins- SellSticks - Gambling (coinflip, bar gambling, jackpots, money pouches)- Special Sp...


CactusCraft is tagged as Raiding server. Our server has a great community and we are looking for more active players to make it even better. We have survival and factions with lots of plugin to make the game more fun and to add more things to expl...


PixelGenesis is tagged as Raiding server. We also provide other activities such as challenging yet fun Pokemon Gyms where you test your skills against challenging Gym Leaders, Showdown system where your battle skills are ranked against other playe...


FactionsLab is tagged as Raiding server. Welcome to FactionsLab Network! Here we focus on PVP and raiding to keep the fun non-stop! Plenty of kits to keep you going on your battle! We include variety of plugins, including custom, to keep our serve...

205Devoted HellDevoted Hell

Devoted Hell is tagged as Raiding server. Hardcore city building and political PvP - play.devotedmc.com Getting bored of the same old faction fights over and over again? Try our hardcore server with Citadel, PrisonPearl, and a host of plugins that...


EvolvedGTA is tagged as Raiding server. We are a brand new GTA Minecraft server that offers a unique and fun experience! We offer multiple feature including guns, an auction house, gangs, apartments and many more. Come on down and join us for the ...


RailCraft is tagged as Raiding server. Factions, Raiding, Pvp Come enjoy it all her at RailCraft, We made this server so you can all come along and have a fun time. Fantastic staff!


ChaosRealmsZ is tagged as Raiding server. Come join ChaosRealms....... a new pvp faction server ....come join and have fun all are welcome ..come join the new fun chaotic experience with some fun pluggins at chaos realms......like herobrine slimef...


CivPlus is tagged as Raiding server. Civ+ is a Minecraft server which facilitates nationbuilding and political simulation. There are few official rules, but players can enforce their own rules using in game tools we have provided.

270RLCraft - Circle of MercyRLCraft - Circle of Mercy

RLCraft - Circle of Mercy is tagged as Raiding server. Three RLCraft Servers in one! You can select a Server to your own liking! - PvE with KeepInvntory and Landclaim - PvP without KeepInventory and with Landclaim - PvP in pure Anarchy Style, no C...


RuthlessFactions is tagged as Raiding server. We are a factions server with a Rankup system,GUIShop,Custom Enchants,Dynmap,Throwable Creeper Eggs, VoidChest (Autosell and Chunk Collectors),GenBuckets And Alot More.


QuickRaid is tagged as Raiding server. A awesome Faction server with a twist! We've implemented some awesome features towards the server that you cant even imagine! Come check us out today!


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Browse the best Minecraft Raiding servers and find yourself a new Raiding server to play on. Here we list Raiding Servers ranked by player-votes, you can also find server details, stats, and active players. If you like a server you can also vote for them helping the server gain more players and grow - in turn most the servers will reward you, usually with in-game items or currency.