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RL Craft is a modpack that was created by Shivaxi. Shivaxi says that RLCraft (RL being Real Life or Realism) is a modpack for Minecraft. It is a take-off of a mod I made for Unreal called RLCoop.

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270RLCraft - Circle of MercyRLCraft - Circle of Mercy

RLCraft - Circle of Mercy is tagged as RLCraft server. Three RLCraft Servers in one! You can select a Server to your own liking! - PvE with KeepInvntory and Landclaim - PvP without KeepInventory and with Landclaim - PvP in pure Anarchy Style, no C...


AlphaFigure is tagged as RLCraft server. AlphaFigure-1.8 - 1.18 IP: play.alphafigure.net Bedrock Port:19132 Website: https://www.alphafigure.net/ Discord: https://discord.gg/alphafigure Survival, Semi-Vanilla, Villager Defense, COD Zombies, Hardco...


RLCraft.org is tagged as RLCraft server. RLCraft.org Brand new RLCraft server, the hardest survival Minecraft server in the world! Set to Hard difficulty, and in an Amplified world! FREE to play - Bring your friends!!

1745Joe Bohack MCJoe Bohack MC

Joe Bohack MC is tagged as RLCraft server. We are a very friendly community looking for more players to join. The Minecraft server is running RLCraft. Discord: https://discord.gg/FgffcNceqv IP: play.joebohack.com


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Browse the best Minecraft RLCraft servers and find yourself a new RLCraft server to play on. Here we list RLCraft Servers ranked by player-votes, you can also find server details, stats, and active players. If you like a server you can also vote for them helping the server gain more players and grow - in turn most the servers will reward you, usually with in-game items or currency.