Minecraft Server List

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Vale - Survival Multiplayer Server: (1.18)
A Public un-whitelisted anarchy Minecraft server, No Rules, Good Luck!

Vale - Private Survival Multiplayer Server: (1.18)
A whitelisted community focused on building and innervating upon Minecraft's everchanging environment, with a advanced custom econmey system.

Vale - Civilisation Social Experiment: (1.17)
Season - 1 | Coming Soon!
Since the birth of civilisation humans have extracted the earths recourses, formed thriving society's, but in a world made of blocks where the only limit is your imagination, The question becomes can you survive 100 days in your own civilisation with other players!
This social experiment will take place over 100 Minecraft days, or until one player / civilisation remains.
You will begin on one of four islands each being different biomes and with there challenges!
The Aim being for you and or your civilisation to become the last one standing, by any means possible!

What is Valecraft server IP address?

The server IP of Valecraft server is play.valecraft.net. You can copy the server IP, locate Discord, website, and get more information in our server info section.

How to play Minecraft on Valecraft?

Open your Launcher. Click the "Play" button, then select the "Multiplayer" option.

Click "Add Server", enter the play.valecraft.net text in "Server Address", and hit "Done".

It can take a few seconds, but once it is established, it should go green.

To play on Valecraft you can now just click "Join Server".

Which version does Valecraft server support?

Valecraft supports Minecraft version: 1.18.1. There are servers that allow for lower versions of Minecraft to connect to the server and play.

Where is Valecraft server hosted?

The Valecraft server is currently hosted in New Zealand, was last checked approximately 16 minutes ago and has fast connection.

Which Game Modes can I play on Valecraft

Economy, Factions, PvP, Raiding, Survival, Vanilla, Anarchy, Whitelist game modes are all available on Valecraft server.