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Capture The Flag
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CountryUnited States

Capture The Flag

Your goal is to capture the enemys flag. The enemys flag will be on a fence post in or near their base. Break into the enemys base and steal their flag. You must now return to your own base and place the enemys flag on your teams fence post. You will not be able capture an enemys flag if your own flag is missing. Once you have captured the enemys flag the required number of times, you win!

Before each match, there is a one minute waiting period for new players to join. During this waiting period you cannot choose a class or obtain any items, and you are invincible (you cant die). Feel free to explore the map to get a feel for what you'll be playing on.

When the game starts, youll be randomly assigned a team and teleported to your teams starting position near your base. Type /help to see a list of classes, and type in the command for the class you choose. You can be: /archer, /assassin, /chemist, /dwarf, /heavy, /medic, /necro, /ninja, /pyro, /soldier, and /mage

You can play in US.MCCTF.COM or EU.MCCTF.COM
Note: It says "0/0 players" but the server is online and you can play on it!

What is Capture The Flag server IP address?

The server IP of Capture The Flag server is us.mcctf.com. You can copy the server IP, locate Discord, website, and get more information in our server info section.

How to play Minecraft on Capture The Flag?

Open your Launcher. Click the "Play" button, then select the "Multiplayer" option.

Click "Add Server", enter the us.mcctf.com text in "Server Address", and hit "Done".

It can take a few seconds, but once it is established, it should go green.

To play on Capture The Flag you can now just click "Join Server".

There are 0 people playing Capture The Flag right now.

Which version does Capture The Flag server support?

Capture The Flag supports Minecraft version: 1.18. There are servers that allow for lower versions of Minecraft to connect to the server and play.

Where is Capture The Flag server hosted?

The Capture The Flag server is currently hosted in United States, was last checked approximately 7 minutes ago and has fast connection.

Which Game Modes can I play on Capture The Flag

Minigames, PvP game modes are all available on Capture The Flag server.