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CountryUnited States


Hi people of Centrix,

Today the day we are growing very fast. This is the perfect time to update a lot of games. And next week is the day for a huge update, Skywars. Skywars will be launched with our new rank and ban system. So we have a few changes to all you guys for this new system. This new system is a better experience for having your rank over the whole network. The first time you join the server after the system is active, you will be kicked for saving your data and migrating your old rank.

The ban system isnt changing for the players. The rules stays the same.

For the ranks, we are doing changes. The ranks JR-MOD, SR-MOD and MOD will be MODERATOR. Another change, the rank OWNER is going to be HEAD-ADMIN. And the rank SR.ADMIN, DEVELOPER will be ADMIN. The chat on minigame servers is cleaner.

The new system has also a few new commands for players.

/serverinfo Gives information about the server and the staff...

What is CentrixNetwork server IP address?

The server IP of CentrixNetwork server is s.epi-craft.com. You can copy the server IP, locate Discord, website, and get more information in our server info section.

How to play Minecraft on CentrixNetwork?

Open your Launcher. Click the "Play" button, then select the "Multiplayer" option.

Click "Add Server", enter the s.epi-craft.com text in "Server Address", and hit "Done".

It can take a few seconds, but once it is established, it should go green.

To play on CentrixNetwork you can now just click "Join Server".

Which version does CentrixNetwork server support?

CentrixNetwork supports Minecraft version: 1.12.2. There are servers that allow for lower versions of Minecraft to connect to the server and play.

Where is CentrixNetwork server hosted?

The CentrixNetwork server is currently hosted in United States, was last checked approximately 7 minutes ago and has fast connection.

Which Game Modes can I play on CentrixNetwork

Creative, Skywars game modes are all available on CentrixNetwork server.