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What is Hermit Veterans About? We are a public community-based PurPur survival server with a welcoming playerbase. You can decide to live alone, join a group or create one of your own. It's up to you how you play; you are sure to find your niche here.

We have upgraded to 1.18, but we have not reset the map. Instead, builds have been retained and any unused chunks were reset, bringing new generation to 80% of the world. Caves below y=0 can also be found anywhere throughout the world, in new and old chunks.
What Plugins do we use? Here's a brief overview of some of the main ones:
-Grief Prevention: To keep your builds safe!
-Population Density: To provide the world with "regions" for players to own, as well as a means of teleportation.
-SignShops: A simple way of selling goods via signs without you being there to make the trade.
-ViaVersion and ViaBackwards: These plugins allow players to join while running Minecraft versions 1.12+.
What are "regions" and "region poles"? Regions, as stated above, are a part of the population density plugin and are 400x400 block areas that players can own! Region poles are situated in the center of the region. They allow you to travel quickly across the map to visit other regions. Region poles consist of a stone brick platform with a glowstone pole at the center. Region poles give you the opportunity to explore the builds made by others with ease.

We have a website at: HermitVeterans.com
as well as a Discord server at: HermitVeterans.com/discord where you can chat with players both off and on the server and familiarize yourself with the playerbase and the server. Please note that you will need to join the Minecraft server first before you are able to verify your account on the website or on the discord server.

What is HermitVeterans server IP address?

The server IP of HermitVeterans server is hermitveterans.com. You can copy the server IP, locate Discord, website, and get more information in our server info section.

How to play Minecraft on HermitVeterans?

Open your Launcher. Click the "Play" button, then select the "Multiplayer" option.

Click "Add Server", enter the hermitveterans.com text in "Server Address", and hit "Done".

It can take a few seconds, but once it is established, it should go green.

To play on HermitVeterans you can now just click "Join Server".

There are 0 people playing HermitVeterans right now.

Which version does HermitVeterans server support?

HermitVeterans supports Minecraft version: 1.18.1. There are servers that allow for lower versions of Minecraft to connect to the server and play.

Where is HermitVeterans server hosted?

The HermitVeterans server is currently hosted in United States, was last checked approximately 12 minutes ago and has fast connection.

Which Game Modes can I play on HermitVeterans

PvE, Survival game modes are all available on HermitVeterans server.