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Nova Universe

Welcome to Nova Universe - Embark on an Epic Minecraft Journey!

Step into a world of limitless possibilities and join our official Nova Universe server, where an incredible adventure awaits. With an awesome and non-toxic community, you and your friends can immerse yourselves in a Minecraft experience like no other. Get ready to explore a wide range of thrilling minigames and engage in exciting competitions. Here's what our server has to offer:

🏆 Monthly Tournaments: Test your skills and teamwork in our monthly Survival Games tournaments. Compete alongside your friends for a chance to win prestigious rewards, including coveted Discord Nitro subscriptions. Prepare to face challenging obstacles, strategize your gameplay, and emerge as the ultimate champions.

🎮 Diverse Minigames: Immerse yourself in an extensive collection of the most popular minigames available in the Minecraft community. Dive into heart-pounding Survival Games, engage in explosive Missile Wars battles, dominate the skies in intense Skywars matches, and experience the thrill of UHC (Ultra Hardcore). With a variety of engaging gameplay options, you'll find endless hours of excitement and friendly competition.

🌟 Thriving Community: At Nova Universe, we prioritize fostering a vibrant and inclusive community. Join a group of like-minded players who share your passion for Minecraft. Our server provides a safe and welcoming environment where you can forge lasting friendships, collaborate on projects, and engage in lively conversations. Leave toxicity behind and embrace the camaraderie that Nova Universe offers.

🌍 Endless Exploration: Venture into a world filled with wonders and hidden treasures. Explore captivating landscapes, unravel mysteries, and embark on thrilling quests. Whether you prefer solo adventures or cooperative gameplay with friends, Nova Universe provides the perfect backdrop for epic journeys and unforgettable moments.

💡 Continuous Innovation: Our dedicated team is committed to constantly improving and expanding the Nova Universe experience. Expect regular updates, new minigames, and exciting features that keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. We strive to provide a dynamic and evolving environment that captivates players of all ages and skill levels.

Join us now and become a part of the Nova Universe! Discover the joy of playing alongside a supportive community, indulge in thrilling minigames, and embark on epic adventures. Whether you're seeking friendly competition, creative collaboration, or simply a place to unwind and have fun, Nova Universe welcomes you with open arms. The journey awaits, so grab your friends and let the adventure begin!

Nova Universe Statistics

To locate the IP address for the Nova Universe Minecraft server, you can find it in the server info section at the top left corner of the page. This is where you can copy the server address. Additionally, you may also find other details such as the Discord server, website, and more in that section.

To join and play on the Nova Universe Minecraft server, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Minecraft Launcher and click the "Play" button.
  2. From the menu, select the "Multiplayer" option.
  3. Click the "Add Server" button.
  4. Paste the server address (novauniverse.net) into the "Server Address" input.
  5. Click "Done" to save the server information.

Once the server connection turns green, indicating a successful connection, you can click "Join Server" to join and start playing on the Nova Universe server.

Regarding the supported Minecraft version on the Nova Universe server, it is specifically designed to work with version 1.18. While you can attempt to join using a different version, it is recommended to use the 1.18 Minecraft client version for the best compatibility and experience.