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Pixelcorp - Pixelmon 5.0.4
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Pixelcorp - Pixelmon 5.0.4

Join now and get a shiny starter pokemon! We have many quests, a nice spawn area, a colosseum, Challenge Tower, Lavender Tower, Pokecastle and a lot off interesting thinks that you can find out.
On this pixelmon 5.0.3 server is installed plugins:
- gts Global trade Station
- Wondertrade
- Mailsystem
- Claim System
- Warps
- Gameshark
- Help Tickets
- Easy scoreboard
- Mysterygifts
- Nucleus
- PixelExtras
- Total Economy

What is Pixelcorp - Pixelmon 5.0.4 server IP address?

The server IP of Pixelcorp - Pixelmon 5.0.4 server is You can copy the server IP, locate Discord, website, and get more information in our server info section.

How to play Minecraft on Pixelcorp - Pixelmon 5.0.4?

Open your Launcher. Click the "Play" button, then select the "Multiplayer" option.

Click "Add Server", enter the text in "Server Address", and hit "Done".

It can take a few seconds, but once it is established, it should go green.

To play on Pixelcorp - Pixelmon 5.0.4 you can now just click "Join Server".

Which version does Pixelcorp - Pixelmon 5.0.4 server support?

Pixelcorp - Pixelmon 5.0.4 supports Minecraft version: 1.18.2. There are servers that allow for lower versions of Minecraft to connect to the server and play.

Where is Pixelcorp - Pixelmon 5.0.4 server hosted?

The Pixelcorp - Pixelmon 5.0.4 server is currently hosted in Germany, was last checked approximately 11 minutes ago and has fast connection.

Which Game Modes can I play on Pixelcorp - Pixelmon 5.0.4

Economy, Pixelmon, Prison, PvE, Survival, Pokemon game modes are all available on Pixelcorp - Pixelmon 5.0.4 server.