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Towny is a versatile, player-controlled land management plugin for use with Bukkit/Tekkit/Spigot/Libigot. Towny provides solutions for pvp and griefing as well as chat, chat, inflated economies, monsters, and server admins. Towny lets players work together or against each other in the way they choose.

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Die Welt von Craftlancer wird vom Krieg erschttert, zahlreiche Knigreiche kmpfen um die vorherrschaft und DU kannst sie alle niederwerfen! Grnde dein eigenes Reich und baue deine Macht aus oder deine Dienste einem anderen an und hilf ihnen die Welt Herrschaft zu erlangen!


Explore many new biomes and start a town. The world is open and free to build in. Create factories to produce resources. Take part in the economy; Trade or sell with others Choose a class. Each with unique skills. Fight custom mobs and bosses for unique items. Explore dungeons for special loot, ...

210Pixelmon 3.4

Most up to date and unique Pixelmon server on the interwebs. We have great custom mods for your improved experience play (Pixelutilities!) and a great staff team to keep us on the path to the future. We have weekly events and great prizes. We have NO LAGGGG and up time 99.9 % (we have to update s...


EggPlantedMC is a new Towny server with an emphasis on fun. We aren't one of those big servers where you have to learn a bunch of new things. On EggPlanted, you can just play survival, make a town, meet new friends, and have fun. We have a player-based economy. Players are encourage to have a...

234EastHaven Network

Welcome Adventurer! Do you have what it takes to survive? Forge tools of giants? Join us on our new network and explore out many realms! We have tons of custom plugins and amazing unique features for you to explore across the many realms. Will you fight for glory and fame, or farm riches and powe...

235Powercraft Network

Hey there! We offer a variety of crazy fun servers available on Java & Bedrock. The servers are lag-free, has a friendly community and are designed to give you an amazing experience! So what are you waiting for? Come and have fun with us at the IP: Servers Cops & Robbers Factio...

256Country Craft RP

Country Craft RP is an RP, geopolitical worldbuilding minecraft server. (Java/Bedrock) This server is Inspired by CCSMP, Realms of Sabrim and Stoneworks.


Iaddithis is fast growing worldbuilding server.Want to become a traveling merchant, a farmer, a bandit or a mercenary? Or do you like to test your skills as a politician or rule over a big kingdom? Iit's all possible in our Worldbuilding RP server! Join today!

264TLS Official Earth SMP

Do you want to join an Earth SMP without waiting for Towny well join [TLS] Official Earth SMP its a map of the earth but in a Minecraft server form! Have fun with your friends rebuild the earth in Minecraft with your friends! build a town rebuild society in your own image! Join Today!!! PS its al...

265Camp Half-Blood

Welcome, Demigod! Play Minecraft in a Percy Jackson - based server! We have weekly events, as well as gameplay of survival in Camp Half-Blood, quests in Mount Olympus, team games in the Parthenon, and Athena-inspired design contests in our creative world! Opt-In at:


Java: Bedrock: - Towny - Slimefun + Add-ons - Slimefun Ranks - Player Donator Ranks -Balanced Economy - 1200+ Quests (Including Slimefun Quests) - mcMMO - Dynmap ( - Brewery + Custom Recipies - Pets - Cosmetics - Pyro Fishing ...


The server has a lot of different things to offer, our main game mode is survival 1.18.1 but it has a lot of custom features. The Ultimate goal for HuabaCraft is to make a community filled with creative and competitive players who can excel towards the top. The server is very new-user friendly as...

277Ancestry Network

!Nuevo servidor abierto para toda la comunidad! Contamos con muchas modalidades y mini juegos para que te diviertas con tus amigos.

304Dracarys una Gaming Community dedicata al nostro Network di Server Minecraft. Ogni contributo degli Utenti prezioso per noi e viene valorizzato in quanto fattore di crescita e di confronto.


Welcome to Prismacraft! We are fairly new survival Towny server with rpg elements. We are a friendly, community-focused server; perfect for long-time Minecraft players that are looking for a place to chill, build, and grind. Features include but are not limited to! Custom Enchants, MCMMO, Jobs, C...


A well established community that is back in action and ready to take on the world. Join us in our brand new survival world as we begin once again. All of your favorites are back and so much more!


Servidor de minecraft con varias modalidades de juegos entre ellos construccin, recursos, economa, mascotas, mcMMO, Quest, minijuegos (tntrun, paintball, murder mystery, battle royale X, DeadSociety, SuperSmashX) y muchos ms ... Diversidad de mundos, construccin, recursos, PVP, PVE. Comunidad san...


We're an automation oriented Towny server, founded and run by a group of friends, with plugins including Slimefun, Infinity Expansion, Towny McMMO. We host a massively expanded end-game. Build powerful factories with Slimefun and it's many addons, manufacturing millions of high-end item...


Friendly furry server UwU. Non-furs are also welcome! <3 This server is for ages 15 and up, but we have a NSFW section on our Discord server too.

338Oasis Network

Oasis Network (Formerly Demon Slayer Corps) Welcome to the worlds first demon slayer server! We offer quests, land claiming, economy, custom abilities, and more! We just added in Pixelmon! Its a player voted favorite and we think you would love it too! come join!


A tight knit community of people that love playing minecraft, server is currently undergoing development, but in the mean time come join our silly antics. it's always a good time there.


A 1.17 Minecraft server with new experiences and the latest content in Minecraft. Join our community and make new friends to play with! The server features survival, skyblock, oneblock, creative, factions, earth Towny, and more!


PvPcraft free TARDIS server survival server including TARDIS plugin and Towny. Join your fellow time lords in an epic journey across space and time in the wonderful terrain pvpcraft has to offer. Journy across multiple worlds in a way you could previously only imagine.


Factions Hub - (1.12.2) Survival server - (1.14.4) Towny/MMORPG server - (1.15.2) Creative server - (1.12.2) Hunger Games server - (1.14.4 with 1.8 PvP) NEW Towny Features: Custom RPG Game-Play, World, and Storyline Ritua...


Win Cash Prizes! New Factions Season 1,150 in Prizes. Earn points while you mine and redeem them for REAL prizes including amazon gift cards and even a High performance gaming PC. Based on Tron and created with some of the most advanced technology in the world. Enter the Grid! Credit TwistedDream...


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