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Towny is a versatile, player-controlled land management plugin for use with Bukkit/Tekkit/Spigot/Libigot. Towny provides solutions for pvp and griefing as well as chat, chat, inflated economies, monsters, and server admins. Towny lets players work together or against each other in the way they choose.

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Rank Name Server Players Status

Factions Hub - (1.12.2) Survival server - (1.14.4) Towny/MMORPG server - (1.15.2) Creative server - (1.12.2) Hunger Games server - (1.14.4 with 1.8 PvP) NEW Towny Features: Custom RPG Game-Play, World, and Storyline Ritua...


EcoMC is a Towny server filled with the features you want: - Custom Enchants - Custom Armor - Custom World - Custom Bosses - Talismans - mcMMO - Auction House - Economy and much, much, more! It's not yet another earth server - this is something different. You can join our discord server at: h...


Survival 1.17 | 1.6.5 | 1.16 (BETA)[Economy][Roleplay][Towny][Survival] Play Now! Its Very Fun, And The Owner Is Usually Online. Staff Is Always Helping. And Is Easy To Level Up Due To Boosts! Have Fun!


We are a brand new network that offers an All-In-One feature. Thats right, we have every type of gameplay available for you to play on: - Survival - Creative - Minigames - Adventure/RPG - Apocalypse based Faction server - Project builds We love to expand, so if you see that we dont have your favo...


About AMineCraft AMineCraft is an old server that has just been resurrected. This is a survival economy server. Not all features have been implemented yet, but I created the most essential things to publish the server. There's work to be done, but you are given an opportunity to become a part...


You are a Guardian. Avalon is under attack, and you have been summoned. But you don't have to fight evil alone... You can join a town, or create your own town and invite others. Will you find all of Avalon's secrets, and conquer the Great Evil?


Questmine is a Friendly Semi-Vanilla/Spigot Server With a friendly and active staff and player base Explore the Large survival world with friends and family! Are you tired of playing on servers where the Moderators abuse their power or worse they completely ignore you? WHO DOES THAT? on Questmine...

417Void Realms

Void Realms [1.8 - 1.18] Were a community-oriented server that was created by the players, for the players. We offer traditional servers with our own unique twist you wont find anywhere else. With constantly updated servers like Skyfactory (Slimefun), Survival (Slimefun), Creative, Kingdoms and P...


Servicraft, es un servidor de Minecraft internacional dedicado a Towny. Hay economa avanzada, con una configuracin nica. Crea tu propia ciudad con el avanzado plugin Towny, gana dinero con Jobs, compra objetos de otros usuarios en el mall o crea tu propio hotel y vende sus habitaciones. Te espera...

429Darkhelmet Minecraft

Survival, Towny/GriefDefender, mcMMO, Jobs, Auctions, Orders, Stocks, Lottery, Crates, Mini-Games, Contests, and more! Custom plugins, expert hosting. Ranks are playtime-based. Since 2011 DHMC has been the first and last server for thousands. Donations cover operating costs and get cosmetic perks...

446Kingdom of Azeroth

Kingdom of Azeroth K.o.A. offers a whole new Towny experience to Minecraft. While adding new and unique features, the core essence of survival has remained and still keeps the original feel of survival that so many enjoy. We offer: - Premium Plugins - Small Community Server - Lag Free Game - ...

451CraftSMP - Economy Bas...

Hi, my name is Brandon. I am the Owner and Developer of CraftSMP. CraftSMP was a single person project that I made 2 years back and have tried to revamp once before, and I decided to revamp it again, but this time, better. CraftSMP is a economy based Minecraft server with your typical economy ser...

461Phoenix Revival

Phoenix Revival is a survival server that combines elements with an RPG twist. Features include custom crafting, player classes with spells and abilities, custom trading, custom content (storyline exploration, puzzles, dungeons, etc), mcMMO, personal claims, town claims, and more! In the beginnin...

463JhoS - Minecraft Server

The former [LMT] Server is back with other name. Clan Jhoo has brought the server back to you with a new map, new ideas and a lot of features, but with some of the old staff remaining. You can create a faction and play with your friends, raiding dungeons with your party, leveling up skills and ge...


A Minecraft adventure you will love! (Server isint finish , should be finish soon...) -a whole RPG World with Custome Mobs -More then 20 Minigames , Creative and more! Bewerbungen Mglich! ----- Applycations avible -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------...


GrimCraft is a fun, survival economy server with a great community! New players are treated nicely. GrimCraft has Ranks, Claimland, Angelchests, and much more! We are looking for staff (some experience required) I hope to see you on GrimCraft, sincerely, Grim


Welcome to Budcraft 2.0! (1.17) Join now for an authentic survival town experience. Players are able to create their own town or join anothers town. Use the shop to sell gems and stones you find in your mineshaft. Wage war on another town! Become a millionaire or build the biggest city on the ser...


CivEarth is a brand new 1:1000 Earth map Minecraft server! Join over 600 unique players with a diverse community and a mature and helpful staff. We have many unique plugins for you to enjoy including Towny, MCMMO, a digital economy, auctions, PvP Duels, marriage and much more! We also have a rece...

506Poke Meadows

Welcome to Poke Meadows - The #1 Pixelmon Experience around! Poke Meadows offers an amazing and welcoming community for you all to join in and enjoy. We offer Pixelmon, Survival, Skyblock soon and more! We are a Pixelmon Reforged Server - Latest: You can easily download this via the video above o...

507PixelWorld Network

At PixelWorld we have four different servers for you to chose from! - Towny - Anarchy - SkyBlock - TeamDeathmatch - Creative We hope to see you on the server soon! **You can play from versions 1.8.*-1.16.* **JAVA/BEDROCK CORSS-PLATFORM


[Family Friendly] [Towns] [mcMMO Skills] [Personal Land] [Mini Games] [Grief Free] Since 2011!


** We reset for 1.18.1, so now's a great time to join!** TrekCraft is not any ordinary server, We are a committed Towny/Survival server with tons of extra plugins to enhance your experience at TrekCraft. Our Towny server is one of the most immersive servers out there. We include Mcmmo, LWC, J...


Velkommen til SolCraftMC 1.18.1! Server informasjon: SolCraftMC har eksistert siden 2016-2019 til vi la ned serveren eller en sammesling til en ny server i 2020 som het FryaCraft. Vi fekk endelig gjenpnet SolCraftMC 10 Oktober 2021 og er i full drift siden da! Vi har forlatt versjonen 1.17.1 til ...


JigokuNetwork About the Network The Jigokucraft Network is a network of community-orientated servers. Jigokucraft above all else prides itself with it's friendly and enthusiastic community. Servers Creative | Survival 150 x 150 Plots | Towny World Edit | Jobs Marriage | Marriage Vehicles | Ch...


Civ+ is a Minecraft server which facilitates nationbuilding and political simulation. There are few official rules, but players can enforce their own rules using in game tools we have provided.


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Browse the best Minecraft Towny servers and find yourself a new Towny server to play on. Here we list Towny Servers ranked by player-votes, you can also find server details, stats, and active players. If you like a server you can also vote for them helping the server gain more players and grow - in turn most the servers will reward you, usually with in-game items or currency.