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Towny is a versatile, player-controlled land management plugin for use with Bukkit/Tekkit/Spigot/Libigot. Towny provides solutions for pvp and griefing as well as chat, chat, inflated economies, monsters, and server admins. Towny lets players work together or against each other in the way they choose.

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Rank Name Server Players Status
918The Alchematrix

The ALCHEMATRIX is a small, survival based server, in which you are able to create your own societies! It is not complete anarchy- there are a few server-wide rules- but mainly, it is up to the players to establish colonies, cities, and eventually countries. How you convince players to join your ...


WheatField.MC.GG Factions, Skyblock, Towny, KitPvP and Parkour. Join today and enjoy Minecraft again!


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