1.15 Minecraft Server List

Browse Minecraft servers running Minecraft version 1.15, if you prefer playing Minecraft 1.15 then those servers should be a perfect fit for your client.

Play 1.15 Minecraft Server List

Rank Name Server Players Status
197Lapitos Gaclaticraft

In a world where man meets wilderness, as man looked unto the stars, dreams were born. Welcome to Lapito's Galacticraft, The first 1.6.4 Galacticraft pack to make a 1.12.2 server. Adventure of with your friends to the cosmos either to build the best of bases or to raid your most daunting foes...


OneShotMC is a Minecraft TNT cannon server that is dedicated to testing the limits of your imagination and your cannoning skills. With cannon security and many custom plugins built for cannoning testing, we attempt to make your design process as efficient and easy as possible. Defaultly, all play...


1. Launcher with skin system, that allows you to look differently from other players even if you are Non - Premium Account player. 2. Great Anti Cheat system that will protect your welfare from bad players who like to use Xray, fly, run fast or do other illegal activities. 3. Many different Event...


Servidor Espaol especializado en Modo Historia (Misiones) No Premiun 1.12.2 Sumrgete en una aventura en el Mundo Pokmon en nuestro servidor combinado de Survival y Ciudades en el cual hay lideres de gimnasio y una historia con trasfondo detrs. Abierto desde 23/10 en modo Beta y Reabierto el 30/12...