1.18 Minecraft Servers List

Explore a comprehensive list of Minecraft servers running version 1.18. Whether you're specifically looking for a Minecraft server with the 1.18 update or interested in discovering different versions, this list is a must-visit.

Discover a wide range of servers and find the perfect fit for your gameplay preferences. Immerse yourself in the new biomes, mobs, blocks, and gameplay enhancements introduced in Minecraft version 1.18. Join other enthusiastic players in the exhilarating adventure of the latest Minecraft world.

Minecraft Servers on Version 1.18

Rank Name Server Players Status
1HyCraft Network

Bienvenido al HyCraft Network,Somos una comunidad de Minecraft dedicada y responsable que busca innovar y brindar experiencias únicas día tras día. Nuestra red de Minecraft Java Edition ofrece una amplia variedad de minijuegos dentro del servidor con el objetivo de brindar di...

2Hypixel Network

Welcome to the Hypixel Network, the ultimate destination for an unparalleled Minecraft gaming experience! Discover a world of limitless possibilities as you join our thriving community of players from around the globe.With over 35 unique games to choose from, including fan favorites like Megawall...

3Vortex Network

Welcome to Vortex Network, the ultimate frontier of space-themed Minecraft adventures! Brace yourself for an out-of-this-world experience as you delve into a captivating universe packed with popular game modes that will leave you mesmerized.Embark on an epic journey through the cosmos as you expl...


Welcome to MineSuperior - Where Adventure Awaits!Step into a world of endless possibilities and embark on an extraordinary Minecraft journey on MineSuperior. We are proud to be part of the next generation of networks, dedicated to providing the ultimate gaming experience for players like you.At M...


¡Bienvenido a UniversoCraft!Prepárate para sumergirte en una experiencia de Minecraft única en nuestro servidor. Con un equipo profesional y dedicado, UniversoCraft te brinda un entorno de juego excepcional. Como servidor "semi premium", ofrecemos una evolución constant...


Welcome to Rinaorc, the ultimate destination for Minecraft enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable gaming experience! As a renowned French server, we take pride in delivering excellence in every aspect of our gameplay.Prepare yourself for boundless fun as you join forces with your friends in an exte...

10kitpvp.org | killstrea...

Welcome to kitpvp.org, the ultimate killstreak-based Minecraft server where the thrill of combat reaches new heights! Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-fueled PvP experience like no other.On kitpvp.org, your skill and strategy are rewarded with powerful items and advantages. As you build impress...

11Pokemon No Mods

Welcome to PokWild - The Ultimate Non-Modded Pixelmon Survival Experience!Embark on a captivating adventure in a pixelated world filled with beloved Pokemon from Generations 1 through 3. Immerse yourself in a unique and thrilling gameplay experience without the need for any mods. That's right, we...


Welcome to Minefort, the ultimate free Minecraft server hosting platform that empowers you to create your own virtual world! Whether you're seeking a place to have fun with friends, embark on exciting adventures, or simply build and customize your own server, Minefort has got you covered.With Min...

13ZottiCraft Network

¡Bienvenido a ZottiCraft Network!Sumérgete en la experiencia de un servidor de supervivencia siempre actualizado a la última versión de Minecraft. En ZottiCraft, buscamos ofrecerte un ambiente de juego semi vanilla que se adapte a tus necesidades y te proporcione horas ...

15CubeCraft Games

Welcome to CubeCraft Games - Where Adventure Knows No Bounds!Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey as you step into one of the largest server networks in the world. At CubeCraft Games, we are dedicated to delivering the ultimate gaming experience and ensuring endless fun for players of al...

21Skyblock Survival

Welcome to Skyblock Survival!Immerse yourself in the ultimate Skyblock experience on our server, the home of Skyblock! Join a thriving community of Skyblock enthusiasts and embark on an exciting adventure like no other.Server IP: skyblock.netFeatures:The Original Skyblock: Created by the very sam...


¡Bienvenido a MineSpazio, el servidor latino!Sumérgete en un emocionante mundo de diversión y aventuras en nuestro servidor. Contamos con una amplia variedad de modalidades para que disfrutes al máximo:EggWars: Pon a prueba tus habilidades estratégicas y de super...


Welcome to EcuaCraft Network!Embark on an extraordinary Minecraft journey like no other. Join our diverse and thriving community, where adventure, competition, and endless fun await you. With a wide range of exciting game modes, there's something for everyone to enjoy.Engage in epic battles and f...

27Blurkit Network

¡Bienvenido a Blurkit Network! La comunidad perfecta para entretener y brindarte momentos inolvidables en nuestros servidores.En Blurkit Network, estamos comprometidos en proporcionarte una experiencia de juego excepcional. Sumérgete en nuestra red de servidores en español, di...


Welcome to InvadedLands, a remarkable Minecraft network that offers a diverse range of captivating gamemodes, designed to keep you engaged and entertained for hours on end. With our commitment to quality gameplay and a thriving community, we invite you to embark on an unforgettable adventure.Dive...


Welcome to Pokecentral, the ultimate destination for modded Pixelmon gameplay! As the #1 Minecraft Modded Pixelmon Server, we offer an immersive and thrilling experience that will capture the hearts of Pokemon and Minecraft enthusiasts alike.Join us on our brand-new map, starting afresh on July 1...


Welcome to OPLegends, the server that delivers custom and unique experiences like no other. Prepare to be captivated and amazed as you delve into an extraordinary world filled with endless possibilities.At OPLegends, we pride ourselves on crafting an unparalleled gameplay experience that sets us ...


Welcome to Arcadia - The Ultimate Semi-Vanilla, Semi-Anarchy Experience!Arcadia is a legendary Minecraft server that has been serving players for over six years, previously under a different name and now continuing to provide an exceptional survival experience. With our latest map reset in the ex...

35Thunderstorm PvP

Welcome to Thunderstorm PvP, the ultimate destination for diverse and adrenaline-fueled Minecraft PvP gameplay! Prepare yourself for an electrifying experience as we offer a wide range of PvP styles tailored to suit all kinds of players.Our server boasts two distinct and thrilling realms: Capture...


Welcome to MineRefuge - Your Ultimate Survival and OneBlock Adventure!Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary Minecraft journey? Look no further than MineRefuge, the #1 destination for Survival and OneBlock gameplay! Immerse yourself in our captivating world and discover unique experiences th...


Experience the Pure Essence of Survival at 9tx.org!Step into a world where Minecraft's true spirit of survival thrives. 9tx.org is a dedicated S-Vanilla survival server that encapsulates the essence of the game as it was meant to be played. If you yearn for an authentic survival experience, this ...

42Rodion Network

Welcome to the Rodion Network!Are you ready for an exciting and thrilling OP Prison experience? Look no further! Rodion Network brings you the ultimate OP Prison server that will keep you hooked for hours on end.Embark on a journey like no other as you enter our immersive OP Prison world. With a ...


Vitaj na serveri majnur.com! Toto je miesto, kde si môžeš užiť skvelé survival dobrodružstvo s úžasnými ľuďmi. Ak sa chceš pripojiť k nám a zažiť skvelý čas plný pokecu a prež...


Welcome to TheArchon, your gateway to an exceptional Minecraft server experience. Prepare to be captivated by our collection of incredibly high-quality gamemodes, featuring both beloved classics and innovative new additions.Dive into the timeless world of Factions, where strategic alliances and i...


Moreover, if you're interested in exploring other Minecraft versions, this list offers a diverse selection of options. Whether you seek nostalgia by revisiting older versions or desire to experience the unique gameplay of different Minecraft releases, you'll find servers catering to various versions and their specific features.

Don't miss the chance to join the exciting realm of 1.18 Minecraft servers or explore the multitude of possibilities available across different versions. Embark on your Minecraft journey today and become part of a vibrant community of dedicated players.